With formal training in both industrial design and engineering, the founder and staff of our design firm are able to think, speak, and integrate beauty and functionality with mechanical, construction, and material efficiency.


We want everyone at the table. Every built thing emerges from a web of needs, values, and assumptions - and out of the vision of its creators. Returning repeatedly to the core practice of inclusion, we force ourselves to consider a much wider and objectively richer set of possibilities and ideas than a limited subjectivity allows. Inclusion opens us to possibility where before we saw none.

Flexible and responsive

Through our pervasive insistence on the simplicity of fundamentals, we can deliver or foster success at any level of complexity - seamlessy adjusting the design of our interaction with each client/partner to the unique requirements of each collaboration


We speak your language. Aspects of product development may be understood within the paradigm of foreign travel, where maximum benefit requires either fluency in the language or languages or a skilled translator. We consider translation to be one of our essential functions, bringing together under one roof detailed expertise in multiple areas necessary to successful development.

Design introduces value --- Engineering realizes it



A few project examples...

Cafe Furniture


Dutchy - A stool


Zulu 7 & Zulu 9

Industrial Design

PlyoTower - The ultimate jump box

Product design and development

Zulu 3: Binocular

Industrial Design

Delta Printer



Design with a backbone


Disclosure: "We" is currently just "me". The term "we" is meant as a forward looking statement about the goals of this company, and intention of adding of team members who fit in with the ideal of this company.

Alex Thomsen

Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer

In every development process the crucial points are those where the 'experiment' of design must be translated into and integrated with the demanding realities of engineering and of the technologies and protocols of manufacturing. The more these two worlds - of design and of engineering/manufacturing - remain foreign to one another, the more problematic, time-consuming, and expensive the development process is likely to become. The values I bring to this company are deeply rooted in both these worlds, a core integration of both worlds. Drawing and design were central to me as a child, but I was as likely to build something as draw it. My undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering, my graduate degree in industrial design. My hands-on work experience includes:electronics, electrical systems, and electrical-mechanical integration; machining, cnc milling, sheet metal fabrication, carbon fiber fabrication, welding, soldering, woodworking, and automotive restoration; machine design and manufature, injection mold design and manufacture, plastics design, and pcb layout; process integration, systems architecture, design for manufacture, rapid prototyping, technology development, and more. From heavy industry to consumer electronics - from implantable medical products to the design and building of a bicycle out of carbon fiber and bamboo - I have a breadth of experience and innate abilities ideally matched to this company's integrative mission.

Fail early, fail often. Limit failure to the drawing board.


We offer a broad range of capabilities, which can be applied to any portion of a development process , or in carrying out the entire product development process, from concept to final manufacture. Please don't hesitate to call on us to work with you on projects of any size or complexity.

Industrial Design

Developing the form of a product as it relates to aesthetics and ergonomics. We can develop a visual identity or work within your existing style. Our aim is a perfect balance between the needs and desires of the user, while working within the bounds of the project goals. Our intention is good design in context of the project, rather than design just for the sake of design.

Design Engineering

Converting a design into a manufacturable assembly. Whether you provide design materials, or you utilize our own industrial design capability, we can bring it to the point where it is ready the manufacturer to begin making tooling.

Concept development

Definition and conceptualization of an idea, need, or problem - and finding the solutions needed to realize them.

Project management

Managing the entire product development process. Starting with concept development, building system architecture, design and engineering management, and overseeing preparation for manufacture - always with an eye toward harmonizing engineering and design processes for the best and most economical outcomes.


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